mandag, mai 05, 2008

Breaking out of the game

Links and references for a lecture at ITU 8th of May 2008.


Caillois on Mimicry was quickly nicked from this address.

Quote on Liminality: The Ritual Process, page 95, on Communitas, page 96.

On Turner and his work on rituals: Mathieu Deflem.

Playing and role-playing a warlock

"The Cruel Mistress" - RP movie on youtube

Gizmopolitan - WoW fashion maazine

Playing different characters with class.

Argent Dawn Roleplay forum: The Argent Archives

Seemos - My Life for the Horde, RP video

Serenity now attacks an ingame memorial service

A funeral march in the memory of a young man dead of a wasting muscle disease.