onsdag, september 23, 2015

Social media usage, 23 september 2015

GG's image of themselves.

Møt nettkrigerne - internet warriors - in Norwegian

Joshua Goldberg, the many-headed Internet monster.

Suler and Phillips on deviance in chat communities. It's behind a pay wall, so I recommend visiting a large university library before getting online to read this article.

The Honey Badger Brigade and their lawsuit against the Calgary expo.
From Tumblrinaction - criticising the SJWs of Tumblr.

Gamers vs SJWs, a GG comic.

A couple of Storifies on topics concerning GG.
Petitioning for an apology.
On the cartoon mentioned above.

The No True Scotsman fallacy
Tu Coque fallacy

Darknet going mainstream - TED talk.

Imgur virus/hack is causing concern, as it may cause an imageboard security breach.