mandag, oktober 19, 2015

Transmedial storytelling 20th of October

Norsk Tipping online gambling site "KongKasino".
Kollektivet - Norwegian comic.
CSI fanfiction and CSI fanfic on YouTube
Plants vs zombies
Slot machines very short history
Vintage slot machine amateur video.
Another vintage machine from 1908 - this is a remediation of the roulette.
How old slot machines work.
Harry Potter Cosplay
Filling the Iserian Gap - an old source, but a good description of Wolfgang Iser's theory of the gap - the empty space to be filled by the reader. Compare to Scolari's article on LEGO games.
Wilton Silver Mist - transmedial reviewing on Amazon.

Ads telling stories and crossing media
Finlandia - live a life less ordinary
Diesel - the glitched invitation
A review of future tech - self-promoting movie by BMC ad agency
Intel: The beauty inside - transmedia/crowdmedia movie - See the full movie later on, if you like, it's fun!
The challenge of Intel Inside - a product you can't see. Episodes 1 and 2