søndag, mars 10, 2013

Users and Agency: Links

Network sites and networked publics
SNS - Social Networking Service, here described at Wikipedia with references to work by danah boyd.
Yochai Benkler: SOPA-PIPA and networked publics - watch the lecture on the Guardian Summit, describing how the network reacts to SOPA-PIPA, and how the networked publics cooperated to stop the suggested legislation.
XKCD map of the Internet.

Examples of agency
A timeline of the Arab Spring, from The Guardian.
Links to resources to understand the Arab Spring and the role of digital media and social networking sites.
Pirate Bay and Wikipedia: Two stories of agency
Lau Aaen: Dagpengeland.

Agency as a moral question. Garrath Williams 2009.

Agency reconsidered by Wardrip-Fruin Noah, Mateas Michael, Dow Steven, Sali Serdar: From DiGRA 2009, an article on agency in games. (List of articles, find the right one and follow the link to the pdf.)

Understanding the "Structure" and the "Agency" debate in the social sciences. Sherman Tan.

Günther Walraff, discussed by Hoff-Clausen et. al.

Fandom and youtube - Lord of the Rings and Star Wars
The Star Wars I used to know.
An urgent message to the president from all nerds.

Ludic democracy & Epic rap battles
Know your meme: texts from Hilary. 

Irony, playfullness and internet fame
Gangnam style