onsdag, november 02, 2016

Transmedial storytelling 3rd of November

Interconnected media, strategic cross-media

Last year's  entry with links.

Lord of the ring lego game cutscenes.

Sherlock Fanfic - NSFW.

Sherlock/Dr Who crossover fanfic.

Ten interactive stories. These are a mix of media, but not necessarily transmedial. They are still interesting for how they mix media not normally considered combined, and how they break or play with linerarity.

Social media/video integration, Periscope and Meerkat/houseparty.

Alternate reality games: Project Architeutis - from the American Navy, on Facebook.

Social media branding - engaging with users to tell the story of a box. Zappo's delivery box.

Increasing interest for Wikipedia by using Pinterest.

Orlando shooting Fusion news coverage - from different media and different points of view.

#Morethanmean - creating a story from fragments online, repositioning the messages and words and then recounting the story, to see it be retold in new fragments over different media.

New storytelling genres in journalism; Snowfall from New York Times, Gutten i plastposen from Dagbladet.

"Native transmedia journalism" - many sources pulled together into growing and developing stories.

Crossover fanfiction: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Who.