onsdag, november 23, 2016

Transmedial storytelling 24.11.2016

Have we managed to create a storyworld?
Have we achieved transmediality?
Is there a franchise in this?
Do we invite others to participate?
What do we offer a "Behind the Veil" fan?

A Prezi discussing Marie-Laure Ryan's article.

Using the example of Skam from NRK:
Expansion - minor figures gets larger roles.
Modification - presenting different versions of the protoworld
Transposition - moving the world in Space or time. This is hard to demonstrate using Skam, but easier with LEGO.

Brickartist building art from LEGO.
Tintin game.

Hero with a thousand faces, J. Campbell, summary from wikipedia.

LEGO refuses to sell bricks to artist Ai WeiWei, then repents.
Ai Weiwei's art at Alcatraz.

Wired describes the Maori Cyber attack on BZPower
About the Maori activist attack on BZPower
 Counter strike against the Maori activists
The Guardian on the Maori victory of LEGO
Tales of the Tohunga described at Brickipedia

Challenge of the day:
We want to promote a show, but we don't want anybody to know we are doing it.
How do we use transmedia? Why do we use transmedia?