lørdag, november 01, 2003

Hypertext, class and power
Hypertext structures: Vannevar Bush, Douglas Engelbart, Ted Nelson.
Blogs in hypertext structures - Blogdex, The World as a Blog, Blogcount
Hypertext structures and hierarcic structures

Blog conversations, traditional media and Habermas: The salon and the mass media - blogging thoughts (pdf)
Academic blogging – power, subversion and the re-establishment of power
Personal publicationbarbaric blogging
Normative, formative and descriptive methods: The ideal, the cookbook and the description

The net as a public place
Damnthepacific – Lane, Stu and the Pacific Ocean
Handjobguy – blogging thoughts (all links lead to dead ends by now: blogonblog presentation outline
Henry Jenkins and the editing of his article
Relationships and issues
Misbehaving – blogging for visibility
Misrepresentation - The Case of Kasey Nichole
Personal publication and the responsibilities of the editor

Blog conversations and blog structures